DELHI MATTERS: A New Lecture Series

The India International Centre (IIC) launched a series of lectures on matters that concern the well-being of citizens of Delhi and NCR. Entitled “Delhi Matters”, the series began on 18 December, 2017. The first discussion in the series focused on medical emergencies and trauma. The series will be taken forward for the next 12 months. The discussion on the 18th was aimed at providing a holistic view of different kinds of medical emergencies, the available operational structure to respond to a wide variety of situations, and precautionary measures to prevent and deal with emergencies at home, at the workplace and while commuting.

List of lectures: (please click to open the content)


1) 18th Dec. 2017: First in the series: How Prepared are you to Tackle a Medical Emergency?

2) 29th Dec. 2017: Second in the Series: HOW's LIFE?