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Exploring Sounds, Sights, Motion Programme :    Exploring Sounds, Sights, Motion
Start Date: 13 Jan 2019
End Date: 13 Jan 2019
Start Time: 14:30
Category Name : PERFORMANCE
 FROM 14:30 TO 17:00
Exploring Sounds, Sights, Motion
With Shankar Barua, writer, artist, curator; Rahul Dutta, design professional & consultant; Akash Sharma, sound coder/mapper & musician; Vinny Bhagat and Ayesha Hassanwalia – Vinny Bhagat is audio/video technologist & webcaster; Ayesha Hassanwalia is a choreographer, dancer, &teacher
From 18:30 to 20:30
Chintan Kalra, producers, composer, musician; Ashhar Farooqui & Neha Dixit – Ashhar Farooqui is a composer, musician & producer & Neha Dixit is a filmmaker, travel journalist & television anchor; and Lionel Dentan, composer, musician, producer
(Collaboration: Academy of Electronic Arts)


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