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‘In the Forest of My Soul’ – Beethoven and his Art Programme :    ‘In the Forest of My Soul’ – Beethoven and his Art
Venue Name: ONLINE
Start Date: 23 Nov 2020
End Date: 29 Nov 2020
Start Time: 00:00
Category Name : PERFORMANCE
‘In the Forest of My Soul’ – Beethoven and his Art
Concerts, films and talks to mark the 250th birth anniversary of the renowned composer, Ludwig van Beethoven
Conceptualised by Justin McCarthy, well known dancer, choreographer, Guru and concert pianist
Beethoven @250 – Concert III 
Beethoven and Schiller (21 min)
Piano and poetry
A series of miniature piano pieces by Beethoven played by young, non-professional musicians, and accompanied by verses from Friedrich Schiller’s poetry
Poets were an integral part of the arts landscape in Beethoven’s day and Schiller was one such well-known poet, whose poetry had a strong influence on the composer
Video recording of short recitals for IIC online programmes
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