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Lotika Varadarajan and Maritime Traditions of India Programme :    Lotika Varadarajan and Maritime Traditions of India
Venue Name: ART GALLERY (IIC Annexe)
Start Date: 09 Oct 2018
End Date: 16 Oct 2018
Start Time: 11:00
Category Name : EXHIBITION
Lotika Varadarajan and Maritime Traditions of India
A multi disciplinary scholar and polymath, Dr. Lotika Varadarajan’s varied academic insights and scholarship, and her work on maritime traditions of India, stands out for its detailed observations on community heritage and practices held within littoral communities. 
The exhibition presents photographs taken by her from Gujarat to Bengal, and Andaman and Nicobar islands and Lakshadweep from 1979 to 2010. They provide a glimpse of the seagoing lives of Indian coastal communities from the pre-2004 tsunami era. The exhibition covers traditions, practices and cultures of boatbuilding and navigation from littoral India and the islands that is yet to recover itself in a substantial manner
(Collaboration: Centre for Community Knowledge, Ambedkar University, Delhi)


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