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Virtual premiere of Programme :    Virtual premiere of
Venue Name: ONLINE
Start Date: 26 Oct 2020
End Date: 01 Nov 2020
Start Time: 00:00
Category Name : PERFORMANCE
Virtual premiere of
Rain (23 min; 2020)
An ensemble work in Bharatanatyam choreographed by Justin McCarthy
Dancers: Veena Kumar, Priya Srinivasan and Abhinaya Penneswaran
Musicians: Venkateshwara Kuppuswamy (Carnatic vocal); Manohar Balatchandirane (mridangam); and Justin McCarthy (nattuvangam)
Video editing: Sandhya Kumar
A recently choreographed piece, it is partially based on verses from Kalidasa’s Ritusamhaaram, in which the expressional and technical aspect of dance responds to rain. Rain as conceived both in traditional poetry as well as rain in its simple mundane, aspects
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