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Venue Name: ONLINE
Start Date: 26 Oct 2020
End Date: 01 Nov 2020
Start Time: 00:00
Category Name : FILM
Screening of NHK documentary films on Japan’s history, literature, art, culture and heritage. Organised with the support of NHK World and Embassy of Japan, New Delhi 
Niigata- The Deep Green of Summer 
(49 min; 2020; English)
Part of the series Cycle Around Japan, the documentary takes viewers on a 250-km ride through Niigata Prefecture, past green rice fields shimmering under the summer sun. Niigata is where much of Japan’s rice is grown and is also home to some of best craftsmen and artisans dedicated to perfecting their art. Climbing up into the mountains, the film presents a glimpse of the traditional style of river fishing and visits a breeder whose Nishikigoi carp are now world famous. 

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