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Library Rules

The following services are extended by the Library

  1. Reading Room
  2. Borrowing facility
  3. Access to Internet and Wi-Fi
  4. Access to E-Resources and JSTOR
  5. Inter-Library Loan
  6. Bibliographic Services on Demand
  7. Access to CDs\DVDs
  8. Access to Assistive Technology including Kindle
  9. Library Cubicles
  10. Library Lockers
  11. Photocopying and Scanning Facility
  12. The Literary Programs
  13. Web OPAC
  14. Library Rules

1. Reading Room (Top)

The Library maintains excellent reading room with environment friendly ambiance. However, members are requested to adhere to following.

  1. Strict silence should be observed in the Library.Library-Reading-Room-small
  2. To maintain silence in the Library the use of cell phone is not allowed in the Library
  3. The members are requested to place their phones in the silence/ vibration mode during their stay in the Library.
  4. In case of use of the mobile phones within the Library premises is brought to the notice of the Chief Librarian, the member will be issued a written advisory to adhere to the rules regarding use of mobiles in the Library;
  5. In case a report is received about breach of the rules by the member on another occasion the borrowing facility for a month will be withdrawn
  6. Any further infringement will invite appropriate action as deemed fit by the Library Committee.
  7. Researcher’s seats are not reserved seats and can be occupied by members only on FIRST-COME-FIRST SERVED basis;
  8. Members will not be allowed to reserve the researchers’ Seats by placing their material on them overnight. Members are requested to take back all their personal belongings and vacate the researchers’ seats before they leave the Library at the end of the day. Else, the Library staff will remove them on daily basis and the member concerned can collect them from the Library Counter on the following day. Library holds no responsibility for any loss. However, for the convenience of the members, who wish to use some Library books even on next day, they can either use the place earmarked for the purpose or deposit the same at the Counter by duly tagging their name and membership number.
  9. A Member should hold only one newspaper or journal for reading at a time and replace it in position after use.
2. Borrowing Facility (Top)
The eligible members can avail the borrowing facility as per the library rules. Kindly go through the Library Rules for details..

3. Access to Internet and Wi-Fi (Top)
INTERNET facility to Members and Residents is available in the Library free of charge. The members can use their own laptop within the library premises and can also avail the Wi-Fi facility free of charge. The members can get the printout at a price of Rs. 2 per page..

4. Access to E-Resources and JSTOR (Top)
Library has online access to some of the periodicals received in print form (See List). Members can access them using the Library’s internet facility. Library has also installed an E-Book Management Software “Calibre” which can be used to access open access books and articles downloaded from time to time. Members can access the “Calibre” using the Library’s Internet facility (See the Guidelines). LIST OF E-BOOKS AVAILABLE ON CALIBRE SOFTWARE

JStore Facility


5. Inter-Library Loan (Top)

  1. Limited facilities for Inter-Library Loan are available for members who are using the Library regularly
  2. Such books will have to be used only at the IIC Library
  3. Members can search DELNET’s online database through a terminal at the Reference Desk.
  4. DELNET’s special inter-library loan facility can be availed of by Members. Books obtained through inter-library loan are not for issue and must be consulted in the library itself.

6. Bibliographic Service on Demand (Top)

Members can demand a bibliography out of the collection available on Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). While the soft copy of such a bibliography can be given free of charge, the print out of such a bibliography can be availed at Rs. 2/- per page.

7. Access to CDs/ DVDs (Top)

Audio-Video Room

  1. CDs/ DVDs will be issued out to Members for quiet use in the Library and also issued out on loan for a fortnight. A Member using a CD /DVD in the Library must return it to the Library’s Reference Desk before leaving .DVD’s and CD’s should be handled with care. In case of damage, Members will have to replace them.

8. Access to Assistive Technology including Kindle (Top)

The following assistive technology products are available at IIC Library.

  1. Optelec's Clear View + Desktop Video Magnifier system magnifies anything under the viewfinder from 2 to 50 times its original size, always maintaining perfect focus.
  2. Super Nova Access Suite from Dolphin gives three ways to access Windows applications. The user can choose what works best for him/her -- magnification, speech, Braille or a combination of all three.
  3. Dragon speech recognition software makes it easier for anyone to use a computer. You talk, and it types.
  4. PlustekOptibook 3600 Bookedge Scanner

For details and its usefulness, kindly go through this document.


Members can use Kindle facility which is an e-book reader. It is a Wireless Reading Device, developed by for the rendering and displaying of e-books and other digital media

List of sites with Public Domain Resources in Audio format and Kindle Books

9. Library Cubicles (Top)

Library has six cubicles which are rented out to members for quiet reading. Photocopying and scanning facilities are available on payment. The Members can also avail limited Inter-Library Loan facilities.

Library Cubicle

  1. The Library cubicles can be rented out only to the Member-Scholars of the Centre keeping in view the importance of their projects and the availability of material on their projects in the Library
  2. While submitting the application for allotment, the member will submit a write up of one or two paragraphs on the project for which they wish to utilise the cubicle.
  3. The current rental for each cubicle is Rs 800 per month plus service tax charges as applicable from time to time.
  4. The maximum period for which a cubicle can be rented out by a Member is four months.
  5. Each cubicle is meant for quiet study by one person only.
  6. Personal books can be brought in only with the permission of the Librarian. A list of such books should be deposited at the Counter.
  7. Books from Special collections such as ‘India Collection’, ‘Himalayan Club Collection’ and “Bilgrami Collection’ ‘Walter Sykes George Collection’ and ‘C.D. Deshmukh Collection’ are not allowed to be taken inside a cubicle for consultation.
  8. A maximum of ten books can be issued for use in the cubicle for a fortnight at a time and may be renewed provided there is no reservation for them.
  9. No reference book will be allowed to be kept in the cubicle
  10. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the cubicle
  11. The consumption of tea, snacks and meals is not permitted in the cubicle
  12. Guests are neither to be brought in nor entertained in the cubicle.
  13. The Library will retain one key of the cubicle for emergency purposes.
  14. A Member who does not use the cubicle continuously for 30 days will forfeit the right to use it for the rest of the allotted term unless he / she informs the Librarian in writing and allows him to transfer it, if possible, to a needy Member for the period of his absence.
  15. A Member who has released the cubicle to be used in his absence cannot claim the extension of the term for the period he remains absent, nor the Member to whom it is offered in the interim period
  16. A Member who is allotted a cubicle should not allow it to be used by another person in his absence. If he does, his allotment will be cancelled with immediate effect.
  17. The Centre will not be responsible for any thefts or losses that may occur during the use of a cubicle by a Member.

10. Library Lockers   (Top)

The Library has six lockers which can be rented out only to Members using the reading room facilities regularly in connection with their research or writing work.

  1. The current rental for each locker will be Rs 50 for 15 days.
  2. The period for which a locker can be rented out is fifteen days. Further extensions may be allowed subject to there being no other applicant on the waiting list.
  3. Each locker must be used for keeping the Member’s published books and research notes, and nothing else.
  4. The payment of the rental bill must be paid in advance before taking possession of the locker.
  5. The Library will retain one key of the locker for emergency purposes.
  6. The Centre will not be responsible for any thefts or losses that may occur during the use of a locker by a Member

11.  Photocopying and Scanning Facility   (Top)
The photocopying facility is available in the Library for members at Rs. 1 for Black and White A4 exposure &Rs. 2 for A3 exposure; Rs. 10 for A4 and Rs. 20 for A3 colour exposure, per page. Currently the scanning facility is also available in the Library for members at Rs. 15 per page. Computer Printouts (Black and White) can also be available on the charges of Rs. 2 per page.

12.  The Literary Programs   (Top)
The Library organizes various literary activities like Book Discussions, Meet with the Author and Thematic Seminars etc.

13.  Web OPAC   (Top)
TThe Library has installed a new software, “VIRTUA”,  a web-based search platform, which brings the bibliographic  database of the IIC and chapters from select edited books in  article form. Members can go to their library accounts through  Internet and can reserve/renew the books and can see their Library status as well as the status of the book. Please contact  Library staff for any assistance. 

For accessing Web OPAC, please use the following links:       (within IIC Campus)

14.  Library Rules   (Top)

14.1 Eligibility:

  1. Members and Staff of the Centre are eligible to borrow books from the Library after getting themselves registered as Members of the Library.
  2. Member’s children in the age group of 18-21 uniformly for boys and girls can use the reading room facilities.
  3. Residents in the Hostel holding temporary Membership are eligible to borrow four books and two journals at a time with a refundable deposit of Rs. 5000.
  4. Outstation members will be allowed to borrow book/s for a period of one month and return them either in person or through a courier service within the stipulated time.  Thereafter, overdue charges @ Rs. 1/- per day will be charged. No renewals will be allowed.

14.2. Issue of Books and Magazines

  1. Members of the Library may borrow four books at a time for a fortnight.
  2. Books can be renewed only once at one given period provided there is no reservation for them.
  3. The reserved books with a waiting list will be issued only for ten days and will not be renewed.
  4. The overdue charges are currently Re 1 for a general book and Rs. 5 for a reserved book per day. If a Member so desires, overdue charges of small amounts can be allowed to accumulate and the bill can be sent to the Member when the amount accumulates to around Rs. 25.
  5. If there are five or more reservations for a book and the member who has borrowed the book does not return it after three reminders, he/she will be debarred from borrowing books from the Library for next six months. They will also pay normal overdue charges @ Rs. 1/- per day.
  6. Members who wish to make payment in cash at the Library Counter are allowed to do so.
  7. If a book is not returned within three months from the date of issue, it will be considered as lost and in such an event the member concerned may either replace the book so lost or pay the current price of the book. In case, the loss of the books is reported after three months, the member concerned will be charged double the cost of the book. In case of loss of an out of print book, the price may be fixed by the Director in consultation with the Librarian. The member is also liable to pay the overdue charges in addition to the cost of the book. The Library will raise the bill for payment by the member and intimate the Accounts Department of the Centre for necessary action.
  8. Books which are 50 years old will not be issued. Reference and rare books will not be issued. They should be consulted in the Library only.
  9. Periodicals not intended for binding will be available for issue.
  10. A list of these will be kept at the Counter.
  11. Not more than two periodicals will be issued at a time.
  12. The Library retains magazines for one year and newspapers for two months.
  13. The latest issues in case of one month for dailies and weeklies, two issues in case of fortnightly and two in case of monthly cannot be issued.

14.3. Selection of Books

Members can use ‘Recommendation Slips’ kept at the Library Counter for suggesting new books. If a book suggested by a Member is approved by the Library Committee that Member will be informed about it as soon as the book is acquired in the Library.

14.4. Reservations

A Member may reserve four books at any time either by sending a written request or by registering the details of the required titles in the Reservation Cards available at the Library Counter. Online reservation can also be made.

14.5. Library Membership Card

  1. Each Member will be given one Bar-coded Library Membership Card with a charge of Rs. 30. The card has to be presented at the Counter each time the Member borrows a book. When the book is returned, the Member can take a receipt from the Counter Staff.
  2. The loss of a Library Membership Card should be immediately reported to the Librarian in writing.
  3.  Due care will be taken by the Library to prevent misuse of the lost Library Membership Card. But the Library does not accept any responsibility for this. The Member concerned will continue to be responsible for any loss of books, etc. owing to the misuse of the lost card even after having formally reported the loss and having been issued a duplicate card.
  4. On request, a duplicate Bar-coded Library Membership Card may be issued one week after the loss has been reported and a photograph deposited with the Library. The Member will have to pay Rs. 100 for the duplicate card

14.6. Discontinuation of Membership

A person ceases to be a Member of the Library when he discontinues his Membership of the Centre, or, in case of Staff, when his services at the Centre come to an end. In such a case, he must return the card or books that he has and obtain a clearance certificate.

14.7. Library Security

  1. Handbags (except small ladies’ purses), are not permitted inside the Library. Every
  2. Member working in the Library is required to deposit his/her bag at the Library Counter and obtain a token.
  3. No cash or valuables should please be kept in the bag. All bags will be checked by the Staff at the Library Counter.
  4. Non observance may lead to withdrawal of Library facility.
  5. No reading or audio-visual material are not allowed inside the library expect the IIC Library books/journals which are being returned.
  6. In case a Member is conducting research or writing a book, the Librarian may permit such a Member to take his/her personal books to the Reading Room provided the Member lists such publication(s) in the Request Form and presents the same to the Library Counter for the purposes of verification at the time of leaving the Library. Failure to comply would lead to withdrawal of facility granted to such a Member.
  7. Violation of the Library Rules or misconduct with Library Staff by any Member would be viewed seriously and may lead to withdrawal of facility as decided by the management.

14.8. Residents in the Hostel

A resident in the hostel, who has registered himself with the Library, should get a clearance certificate for getting the refund from the Accounts Section.

 14.9. Loss or Damage

  1. The Member should not remove, mark, deface or disfigure in any way, any volume, document, or other objects belonging to the Library or in its custody, and should not bring into the Library any inflammable material.
  2. Members will have to make good any loss or damage to library property
  3. Loss of books taken on loan should be reported to the Librarian immediately or within 3 months of its borrowing. In such event, the member concerned may either replace the book so lost or pay the current price of the book. In case, the loss of the books is reported after three months, the member concerned will be charged double the cost of the book. In case of loss of an out of print book, the price may be fixed by the Director in consultation with the Librarian. The member is also liable to pay the overdue charges in addition to the cost of book.

 14.10. General

Members wearing shorts are not permitted in the Library and in the Reading Room.

14.11. Library Timings

  1. Week days: 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Sundays and Holidays: 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  2.  Closed days: The Library will remain closed on the following days: Republic Day; Holi; Independence Day; Gandhi Jayanti; Deepawali and Dussehra. In addition, management of IIC may close the Library any day at its discretion.

15. Art Reference Library (ARL) Rules:

  1. The timings of the Art Reference Library (ARL) are 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. The ARL will remain closed on second Saturdays, Sundays and holidays;
  2. Members, staff of the centre and temporary members registered to use the main library are eligible to consult the ARL;
  3. Books and other material of the ARL can be used as reference within the premises of the Library and the earmarked adjacent areas; 
  4. Books and other material will only be issued for consultation when the member deposits his/ her membership/ identity card to the library staff;
  5. Members will be solely responsible for the return of books before leaving the premises and retrieving their membership/ identity card;
  6. Internet kiosks are available for use. Members are requested to provide their details in the register placed in the library prior to use;
  7. The use of the Internet kiosks will be regulated by the library staff and its use will be restricted to one hour if others are waiting;
  8. Photocopying, printing and scanning facilities are available in the main library. Members are requested to inform the library staff of their requirements, who will make necessary arrangements to get the work done and collect the payment as fixed from time to time;
  9. Members may use the ‘Recommendation Slip’ available with library staff to suggest new titles. If the suggested book is approved by the Library Committee, the staff will inform the member accordingly;
  10. All Inter-Library Loan requirements and its use will be handled by the main library;
  11. The Library reserves the right to introduce any change in the rules as they deem fit. 

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