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Meeting & Conferences

Fire Safety Regulations: The IIC is legally responsible for enforcing the fire safety regulations in the venues within the Centre. Parties availing the Centre’s facilities must not exceed the seating capacity of these venues. Whenever there is a problem of overcrowding, the programme will be stopped until the additional numbers vacate the hall.

Use of IIC facilities is permitted to Members with the following guidelines

  1. Reservations will be confirmed on receipt of letters/faxes and on advance payment of 100% of the rental charges. Tentative bookings are treated as cancelled if not confirmed within a week’s  time.
  2. Conferences of political and religious nature are not permitted.
  3. Booking of IIC facilities for Press Conference, Annual General Meeting and Interview require prior approval of the Director/Secretary.
  4. A Temporary membership fee of Rs. 393/- will be charged to Non-Members who wish to avail of IIC conference facilities.
  5. Maximum size of banners/backdrops permitted in the Conference rooms/Seminar Hall are 9’ x 4’ and for the Auditorium/Multipurpose Hall 16’ x 8’ and may be displayed inside the meeting  places; and 6’ x 2’ outside the lobby. Banner size for the registration table is 5’ x 2½’ feet and the colour permitted for these banners/backdrops is Blue and White’.  Decorations, posters etc. are not permitted elsewhere within or outside the premises of the Centre. Banners/Backdrops should be on stands only.
  6. Registration table for registration of delegates for the Multipurpose hall and Seminar rooms is permitted in the prefunction areas.
  7. For dance and music programmes, a performance license has to be obtained by the booking party from the Additional Commissioner of Police, Licencing Delhi, Police-station Defence Colony, New Delhi.
  8. If there is any film/video screenings as part of a programme, it is to be ensured that the film is censored or that it has an exemption from censorship certificate issued by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India. A copy of the censorship certificate/exemption order must be deposited with CBO at the time of booking. And b) a temporary screening license  obtained from the Commissioner, Dept. of Entertainment Tax, Govt. of India. Without the above documents, screening will not be permitted.
  9. Sponsors of the programme will be responsible for making good any damage caused to the Centre’s building, furniture, equipment by their agents, performers or members of the audience.
  10. If a party is unable to use the booking venues due to failure of electricity or on account of riot, fire, earthquake or  an act of war, the Centre will not be liable for any loss suffered by the booking party.
  11. Booking parties are requested to take care of conference material/technical equipment/personal belongings, as the Centre is not responsible for their safety.
  12. Conference facilities can be used between 9.00 am to 9.00 pm only.
  13. In view of the prevailing security environment, organizers of the programme are to nominate designated representatives for identifying delegates and guests to ensure that only invited persons are allowed to attend the programme. The Centralized Booking Office is to be informed of the details of the representative.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Booking parties are requested to avoid making noise outside the meeting venues.
  2. Mobile phones should be switched off or kept on silent mode before entering any of the meeting venues.
  3. Sale of books, collection of donations, registration fee, sales promotion advertisements or any commercial transactions are not permitted within the premises of the Centre.
  4. Display of goods/products are not permitted inside or outside the Auditorium/Conference Rooms/Multipurpose hall/Seminar Halls/Lecture Rooms.
  5. Booking Parties are requested to make sure that the participants/delegates are   confined to the venues booked   for them for meeting/catering arrangements.
  6. Wood paneling outside the Auditorium/inside Lecture Rooms./Multipurpose hall and Seminar rooms are not to be used for displaying posters, banners or any other material. Nails, double sided tapes or scotch tapes are not allowed to be used on the Auditorium/Conference Room/Multipurpose hall/Seminar rooms/Art Gallery walls.
  7. Designated spaces have been marked out for floral rangoli and other decoration. Only floral decorations are allowed. Minimal decorations are permitted outside the Auditorium and  Multipurpose Hall.
  8. Members & their guests are advised not to speak loudly on cellphones in the corridors of the Hostel, Annexe and the Administration block.
  9. Children below 8 yrs. of age are not allowed in the Auditorium.
  10. Smoking is prohibited in the meeting venues.
  11. Shouting slogans in the premises of the Centre is not permitted.
  12. Booking parties are requested to strictly adhere to the time slot for which bookings have been made; and vacate the venues on time.
  13. Booking parties must ensure that banners/backdrops are removed immediately after their meetings conclude and not leave it behind at the Centre.

Television Crew and Press Photographers

  • The booking party is requested to permit only TV crews and photographers who have been invited by them or have received prior consent to record proceedings of their programmes.
  • TV crews and photographers are requested to position themselves only in the spaces designated and not to crowd the aisles of the Auditorium, Conference rooms/Multipurpose hall/Seminar rooms.
  • Direct Telecast of the Conference/Programme is not permitted.


  1. Reservation of catering requirements will be confirmed on the receipt of letter/faxes and an advance payment of 90% on the number of persons guaranteed.
  2. A single party booking should not exceed 350 persons.
  3. Outside catering or bringing in food and beverage items from outside are not permitted.
  4. Eatables, cold drinks shall not be brought into any meeting venues.
  5. The P.A. system used in the Open Air Venues / Lawns should in no case interfere or cause disturbance to the users of other venues.
  6. Live band, live musical programme, marriage ceremony or rituals of any kind (involving pandit, pheras, havan etc.) are not permitted.
  7. Children’s parties/play equipments or rides are not permitted in the catering venues.
  8. For serving liquor at any function/party the IIC shall on behalf of the Member concerned, obtain a bar license L-20 from the Excise Department the license fee is Rs. 5650/- (Rs. 5000 + 200  Conveyance Charges + 437 ST + 13 E. Cess) Timings
  9. For service are

    Seminars Teas : 9 : 00 am - 11 : 45 am

    3 : 30 pm - 6 : 30 pm

    Tea Receptions :   5 : 30 pm - 8 : 00 pm

    Cocktail Snacks : 7 : 00 pm - 9 : 00 pm

    Lunches 12 : 30 pm - 3 : 00 pm

    Dinners : 7 : 30 pm - 11 : 00 pm

    Bar Service will close at 10:30 pm and Dinner services at 11:00 pm.

    Bar Lunch Service will close at 2.30 pm.

  10. Intimation of catering arrangements/alterations/amendments should be given at least 48 hrs. in advance.
  11. A provision is kept for serving an additional 10% on the minimum guaranteed figure. The Centre will not take the responsibility of catering to more than 10% increase on the number of persons confirmed/guaranteed at the time of booking.
  12. Whenever the Private Dining Hall is booked for lunch/dinner (without meetings) the existing tariff of  Rs.3,461/- will be waived off in case the number of persons guaranteed for lunch/dinner is  40 and above.
  13. Whenever the Annexe Court is booked for lunch/dinner the existing tariff of Rs. 6,303/- will be waived off in case the number of persons guaranteed for lunch/dinner is 100 and above.


For cancellation of catering bookings :

A minimum of 48 hrs, advance notice is required for full refund of advance payment for the catering arrangement.

For cancellation of venue for conference and catering :

  • More than 20 days advance notice 20% of the rental amount is retained by the Centre.
  • Between 15-20 days advance notice, 50% of the rental amount is retained by the Centre.
  • No rental amount is refunded if less than 15 days notice for cancellation is given.
  • In case the conference/catering venue is booked at a short notice of less than 15 days and cancelled thereafter, 50% of the rental amount will be retained by the Centre.
  • Postponement of booking will be treated as cancellation and are subject to the above terms and conditions.

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