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Festival Year 2010

The IIC Experience: A Festival of the Arts

(21st to 27th October 2010) 



Programme day by day



5 PM Inauguration of exhibitions


Chinese Ink and watercolours by Chameli Ramachandran

The Forest in the City

Photographs by Ravi Agarwal

Scrublands of Rajasthan and the Bishnois

Photographs by Pradip Krishen and Rupayan Sansthan, Jodhpur

In search of the Jungle and its Spirit

Photographs by Akash Das

From Anai Mudi to Sri Pada: Reflections on the Forest Ecology and Landscapes of India’s Western Ghats & Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands

5.30 PM Photographs by Ian Lockwood


Inauguration of exhibitions

Conservation of Forests for Gross National Happiness

Presented by the Department of Forest and Park Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Royal Government of Bhutan


Video installation by ActionAid

Call of the Wild

World Wide Fund for Nature-India

Aranya Darshan: Edible Plants of the Himalayas

Photographs and texts by Pushpesh Pant

Secret Abode of the Fireflies

Presented by Youthreach

Sacred groves of the Khasi hills

Installation by Northeast Zone Cultural Centre

Contemporary Art and Traditional Crafts of Chhattisgarh

Presented by the Government of Chhattisgarh



Chants from forest traditions of Central India by Venkat Singh Shyam; the Rig Veda by

students of the Veda Pathshala, Delhi ; the Pali Tripitaka;and the Prakrit Gaha Satsai,

by Dr. Anekant Jain and Dr. Indu Jain and Followed by tea


Opening procession

By artists of the Royal Academy of Performing Arts, Bhutan

Inauguration of the Festival

By H.M. King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck The King of Bhutan in the presence of Prof. M.G. K. Menon


Dance-drama in Bharatanatyam with extracts from the Ramayana and Kannapar

Kuravanji choreographed by Smt Rukmini Arundale

Presented by artists of Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai


8 pm A Taste of Datshi: Bhutan
9 pm Forest Talkies: A Festival of Films

(88 min; 1950; dvd; b/w; English subtitles)

A film by Akira Kurosawa

Recipient of the Golden Lion & Italian Film Critics Award, Venice Film Festival 1951; NBR Award for Best Director & Best Foreign Film, National Board of Reviews, USA 1951


Opening of the exhibitions

Discovering the AmazonasBasin

Forest of Stories of Central India

11:30 am Forest Talkies: A Festival of Films

El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth, Mexico-Spain)

(112 min; 2006; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Guillermo del Toro


Recipient of 3 Oscar Academy Awards for Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Make-up, 2007; BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Language Film, 2007; Goya Awards for Best Cinematography, Original Screenplay, Sound and Special effects 2007; Ariel Award for Best Movie and Best Director, 2007


(Collaboration: Embassy of Spain)


2:00 pm

House of Flying Daggers (Shi Mian Mai Fu/China/Hong Kong)

(119 min; 2004; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Zhang Yimou


Recipient of the NSFC Award for Best Cinematography; & Best Director, National Society of Film Critics Award, USA 2005; Golden Rooster for Best Art Direction, Golden Rooster Awards 2004; LAFCA for Best Foreign Language Film, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards 2004

4:30 pm The Virgin Spring (Jungfrukallan/Sweden)

(89 min; 1960; dvd; b/w; English subtitles)

Director: Ingmar Bergman


Recipient of the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Academy Awards 1961; Special Mention, Cannes Film Festival 1960; Samuel Goldwyn Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Golden Globes, USA 1961

6:30 pm

Milarepa and the Hunter

A dance theatre from Bhutan

Presented by artists of the Royal Academy of Performing Arts, Bhutan


8 pm Aranya Bhoj

Food from the forests of India, presented by Pushpesh Pant


9 pm Forest Talkies: A Festival of Films

The Man Behind the Bridge (Paltadacho Munis; Konkani/India)

(96 min; 2009; 35 mm; English subtitles)

Director: Laxmikant Shetgaonkar


Recipient of the International Critics Award (FIPRESCI) for Discovery, Toronto International Film Festival 2009


10 am

Seminar: Myths of the Forest Peoples

Shri Dahyabhai Vadhu ;Shri Kanajibhai ;Shri Narayanbhai Rathwa ;Shri Desing Rathwa ;and Shri Nagin Rathwa


Coordinator: Dr. G.N. Devy


Myth continues to live and function with all vitality in forest communities despite their contact with the rest of the Indian society where myth has been losing its organic bond in every day life. The focus of the Seminar will be to offer a demonstration of this organic co-existence and an analysis through the perspective of the forest people.

Venue: Conference Room – II


10 am Forest Talkies: A Festival of Films

Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi/Japan)

(125 min; 2001; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Hayao Miyazaki


Recipient of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, Academy Awards 2003; Golden Berlin Bear, Berlin International Film Festival 2002; Award of the JapaneseAcademy for Best Film and Best Song, Awards of the Japanese Academy 2002
12:30 Tainá

(76 min; 2004; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Mauro Lima


Recipient of the Children’s Jury Award for Live Action Feature Film or Video, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2004; Kids Audience Award, Munich Film festival 2005

5 pm


Nangiar Koothu or the solo acting technique in Kutiyattam, traditional Sanskrit theatre

of Kerala, by Kapila Venu. Based on excerpts from Raghuvamsa by Kalidasa.
Venue: Auditorium

6:30 pm

Warsawianka: Folk Song and Dances from Poland

Choreography: Malgorzata Losakiewicz

Director: Jan Losakiewicz

(Collaboration: Embassy of Poland)

8 pm A Taste of Wild Mushrooms: Poland

9 pmForest Talkies: A Festival of Films
Les Egares
(Strayed, France)

95 min; 2003; 35mm;English subtitles)

Director: Andre Techine


Nominated for Cesar Awards for Best Cinematography, Sound and most Promising Actors, 2004; Etoiles d’Or, 2004

(Collaboration :Embassy of France)



11 am

Angel of the Aboriginals – Dr. Verrier Elwin

(45 min; 2010; dvd; English)

Director: Biswajeet Bora who will introduce the film


The Many Lives of Verrier Elwin

Speaker: Dr. Ramchandra Guha, historian and biographer of Elwin


1 pm Forgotten Foods of the Forest People

Lunch arranged by Navdanya


2 pm Forest Talkies: A Festival of Films

The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha (Goopy Gyne Bagha Bayne/India)

(132 min; 1968; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Satyajit Ray


Recipient of the Golden Lotus for Best Director, National Film Awards, India 1969

3 pm

Round table:

Hotting Up? Climate Change and the Debate on India’s Forests and People

Speakers: Ms Madhu Sarin, Fellow, Rights and Resources Initiative and an expert on

Forest Rights Act ; and Shri Jagdish Kishwan, Pricipal Chief Conservator of Forests,

Jammu and Kashmir

Moderator: Dr. Amita Baviskar


The long-standing debates over conservation and livelihoods in Indian forests are now transformed by a new concern: climate change. How can India address climate change while upholding social justice and ecological sustainability?

Venue: Conference Room – II
5 pm Bhajans of the Bishnois of Rajasthan

By Lakha Khan Manganiyar


Venue: Gandhi-KingPlaza

6:30 pm

Thinai Isai :Jasmine Song

Traditional Tamil music of the woods presented by Savita Narasimhan (vocal); and

Mala Chandrasekhar (flute)

Accompanists: Ranjani Ramakrishnan (violin); and Kallidakurichi Sivakumar



8 pm Barbeque

9 pm Forest Talkies: A Festival of Films

Padre Padrone (Italy)

(113 min; 1977; dvd; English subtitles)

Directors: Paolo & Vittorio Taviani


Recipient of the Golden Palm & FIPRESCi Prize, Cannes Film Festival 1977;

Interfilm Grand Prix, Berlin International Film Festival 1977; and Special David, David di Donatello Awards 1978

(Collaboration: Italian Cultural Institute)


MONDAY, 25THForest Talkies: A Festival of Films


10:30 am City of Sadness(Bei Qing Cheng Shi/ Hong Kong/Taiwan)

(157 min; 1989; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Hou Hsio-hsien


Recipient of the Golden Lion & Unesco Awards, Venice Film Festival 1989;

Golden Horse Awards for Best Actor & Best Director, Golden Horse Film Festival 1989; Mainichi Film Concours Award 1991 for Best Foreign Language Film

2 pm Dersu Uzala (Japan)

(144 min; 1975; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Akira Kurosawa


Recipient of the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Academy Awards 1976; David for Best Director-Foreign Film; Special David Award, David di Donatello Awards 1977; FIPRESCI Prize & Golden Prize, Moscow International Film Festival 1975

5 pm

Rainforest Etiquette in a World Gone Wrong

Illustrated talk by Suprabha Seshan, gardener and educator from Gurukula Botanical

Sanctuary, Kerala.

This presentation will include questions and lessons from the Sanctuary's work in

rainforest restoration and nature education. She will also speak about her travels in the Western Ghats of India and the forests of Brazil.

Venue: Auditorium

6:00 pm

Dances from Myanmar

Presented by the Myanmar Cultural Troupe in a programme of traditional dances.

Leader of the Troupe: U Min Kyaw Wai


(Collaboration: Embassy of Myanmar)


7:00 pm Bonbibi – The Lady of the Forest

A dance drama based on the Bonbibi Johuranamah

Presented by Sunderban Chetana Sanskriti Natya Samstha, West Bengal

Director: Debdas Bhakta


With Anita Mondal, Binoy Mandal, Shibpada Mridha, Barun Mondal and others


Music Director: Baroda Sardar

Accompanists: Baroda Sardar (harmonium); Tapan Sardar (khanjani); Supada Sarkar

(tabla & dhole)


(Collaboration: National Human Settlement)


8 pm A Taste of Lemon Grass: Myanmar

9 pmForest Talkies: A Festival of Films

Electric Moon (India)

(102 min; 1992; 35 mm; English)

Director: Pradip Krishen


TUESDAY, 26THForest Talkies: A Festival of Films OCTOBER

10:30 am Captain Pantoja and the Special Services

(Pantaleón y las Visitadoras/ Peru)

(137 min; 2000; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Francisco J. Lombardi


Recipient of the Golden India Catalina Award for Best Actor, Cartagena Film Festival 2000; Audience Award for Best Latin Film; Golden Kikito for Best Actor,


Best Director; Best Editing; Best Film; Best Screenplay; and Kikito Critics Prize, Gramado Film Festival 2000; Silver Dolphin for Best Actor, Festroia-Troia International Film Festival 2000

10 am Forest Tales to Children

Story telling by Anupa Lal


Followed by:
The Last Jungle of the Earth

Storytelling based on Randhir Khare’s book and Interactive Puppet Workshop

presented by UNIMA, India


Venue: IIC Annexe
2 pm Forest Talkies: A Festival of Films

Dragonfly (Venezuela)

(104 min; 2002; dvd; English

Director: Tom Shadyac


4 pm Amazon Expedition (Brazil)

(60 mins; 2005; dvd; English)

Two episodes: Cristalino National Park and Yaualapitis Indians

Produced for Brazilian TV , presented by Paula Saldanha and Roberto Werneck


5 pm IIC Quarterly Release

By Professor M.G.K. Menon


6:30 pm Amazonas!

Musica no Museu (Brazil)

By Paulo Pedrassoli (guitar), Karla Bach (percussion) and. João Carlos Assis Brasil,



Programme: Compositions of Heitor Villa-Lobos

(Collaboration: Embassy of Brazil)


8 pm El Banquete del Amazonas

9 pm Forest Talkies: A Festival of Films


Aguirre, the Wrath of God (Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes/ Germany/Peru)

(93 min; 1972; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Werner Herzog


WEDNESDAY, 27THForest Talkies: A Festival of Films OCTOBER

10:30 am Cheluvi (India, 1992; 112 mins; dvd, English subtitles)
Director: Girish Karnad


2 pm The Invisible Nation (Canada)

(2008, 97 min; dvd)

Director: Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie for the National Film Board of Canada
(Collaboration: Canadian High Commission)


4 pm Cowboys in India

(70 min; 2010; dvd; English subtitles)

Director: Simon Chambers
(Collaboration: Magic Lantern Foundation)


6:30 pm Kunja Ras
Presented by the Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Manipuri Dance
(Collaboration: Northeastern Zone Cultural Centre)


8 pm A Taste of Panch Phoron : Bengal

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